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Silulo Ulutho Technologies

Angello Investment Facilitates Significant Rise in Access to Computer Training and Online Job Applications in South Africa

CEO of Silulo Ulutho Technologies, Luvuyo Rani

The Background:

Silulo Ulutho Technologies is a business that provides computer training, internet access, business and mobile services. Founded in 2004, there are now 43 branches across three provinces in South Africa: Western Cape; Eastern Cape and Kwazulu- Natal (KZN). Angello met this business in 2008 in Khayelitsha, a largest township in Cape Town. Silulo offers their customers a hybrid between a business centre and an internet café, with computer training thrown-in. At the time they had only two sites situated in townships – one internet café and one training centre - and with a significant demand for their services, the need for expansion was clear.

Our Aim:

The aim of this organisation was to bridge the digital divide for people in townships, needing access to digital skills, connectivity and employment opportunities and the rural communities they originally grew up in. They wanted to provide training in computer skills, such as learning how to write a CV. Additionally, they wanted to empower and educate communities by creating an enterprise eco system to increase networking opportunities. What was admirable about the business was their ambition and passion to help others.

Our Work:

In 2009 we lent Silulo 250,000 Rand to fund growth and further expansion such as more outlets in the eastern Cape. Our South African partner, Relativ, worked with the CEO, Luvuyo Rani (pictured above) and his team to provide continued mentoring and coaching through their initial expansion phase.

We decided to help Silulo when Ralph, Colin and other Angello Associates, witnessed Silulo staff typing up vast quantities of CVs for potential entrepreneurs in the community, in addition to setting them up with email addresses and applying for jobs. After some number crunching, Ralph realised that Silulo’s service was facilitating thousands upon thousands of job applications a year and making a significant impact on the levels of employment in the area. The service gave community members a chance to apply for jobs that they did not previously have the skills or resources to apply for.

Measuring Success:

Since Angello’s involvement, Silulo has grown in size, hiring 220 staff members and training over 50,000 people to date. The company has opened 15 centres in the Western Cape of the 43 centres in two further provinces exemplifying the company’s expansion and the bridge the digital gap between rural areas and townships they provide.

The work we’ve done with the company has contributed to Silulo’s continued success and subsequent awards won by the company founder. These include the 2016 WEF Schwab Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the 2014 Junior Chamber International Outstanding in the World Award. Success of this project is further illustrated by the full repayment of the initial investment. You can discover more about this success story here.


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