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Our aim is to provide a range of resources to purpose driven entrepreneurs across the globe to enable you to work through the full entrepreneur journey from business Ideation, to Implementation through to the Growth stage. So, wherever you are in your journey, we have the appropriate resources to help you      

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Getting Started

The resources available here will help you to generate great business ideas, recognise opportunities through gaps in the market, be inspired by success stories, begin operational and financial planning, access prototyping tools, create a business plan, identify partnerships and networks, and even start building your team.

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Opening Doors

This section will provide you with resources to help you launch your business, achieve your business goals, implement the launch and operations of your venture, obtain funding and physical resources (premises, equipment and employees) and provide you with support in accessing your markets.

Preparing for Growth

These resources are for businesses which are more established and are looking to grow. Resources include planning for growth, building partnerships, mentorship and finance to help you scale up, obtaining additional resources required to grow the venture, in addition to access to wider markets.


Angello Impact Fund

We want to see catalytic investment capital being released to fulfil God's purpose of Kingdom coming on earth as it is in heaven. This is why we created the Angello Impact Fund which invests in high impact entrepreneurs to support them on their journey. Our goal is to see wealth sharing in communities and seeing wider community transformation. 

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