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Angello support outstanding impact ventures that align with our vision to make the world a better place and have a positive impact within their communities. We seek to work collaboratively with ventures, with the aim to ‘do to and for others, what we would have them do to and for us’. We listen to our global and local venture partners, show them respect and support in their endeavours, whilst empowering and encouraging them to reach their full potential.


Our entrepreneurial team provide support to ventures in; business development, strategy, go-to-market planning, impact measurement, financial management, access to funding and building global and local connections. For ventures that we partner with, we offer a revenue sharing and co-entrepreneurship model, meaning that both parties have ‘skin in the game’ which helps to drive success forward.

View of earth at night

Discover some of the Ventures in our global family below:

Agriculture and AG Tech

3 people walking along a path carrying bundles of wood on their heads

Land-right solution for rural and peri-urban users, empowering communities and families through secure title, enabling access to capital, income growth, and reducing environmental impact, e.g. fertiliser use, respect of conservation boundaries etc.

Field with sprouting crops

Agriculture - East Africa

Investment into better sustainable inputs (seeds, organic fertilser, iriigation, training and diversified crops) enabled better connection into the value chain for cooperative farmers. A new blended approach of commercial farms and outgrowers ensured farmers got the best price for their crops and were not left abandoned by unethical buying practices.

Collection of wooden coffins

Sustainable Coffin Production

The ‘Made from bamboo’ programme was funded to create sustainable coffins during the height of the Aids pandemic. The business did very well at connecting the bereaved with the pastoral support required, alongside a more green and affordable coffin for the departed. The business provided skills training and employment for young people often orphaned by the same issue.

Scattered Coffee Beans

Coffee farming - Indonesia

On land left to the organisation in a legacy, a coffee plantation was established and a brand that now sells into North America was established. Providing fair trade practices and a cooperative organisation, the farm enables local farmers to have a guaranteed supply chain and benefit in the success. Any excess profits above coop distribution, go into funding the work of the charity.

Image by Marita Kavelashvili

Income generating tree project

Built on a programme designed to stop the outflow of local young people to seek a better future, the tree project fulfilled not only environmental impacts but also provided income for the farmers for the harvest of the tree's - a mixture of fruit, nut and oil producing plants. In addition, the tree's added better soil quality which had eroded due to over forestation for fuel. Bio gas tanks were added which helped address the fuel poverty, and benefitted the local living conditions by collecting the bio, human and animal waste.

Agriculture an AG tech

Waste and Circular Economy


Small scale plastic recycling machinery and equipment to empower everyone to start upcycling and become a plasticpreneur

Hospital Bed

Paid for Hospital beds Globally 

In a bid to self-sustain many of the medical facilities run historically by the mission, we worked on a model that met the missional focus and the economic viability model for the hospitals. This blended a model used by the NHS of paid for beds within a free facility which worked very well in many locations around the world where the local economics suited the programme.

Waste and Curcular Economy

Conscious Tourism

Collection of building overlooking city

Angello Opportunity Caucasus

A small portfolio of early stage businesses in Armenia and Georgia, several in the tourism and hospitality sector being small hotels.

Conscious Tourism

Energy and Basic Servies

Man working on metal machine

Enterprise model to provide basic rural infrastructure (water, energy, cooling, etc.) in remote areas.

House surrounded by trees

Clean energy solution venture powering Maasai homesteads and protecting cattle enclosures through predator deterrent lighting systems. Significantly reducing human-wildlife conflict by avoiding predation from lions, cheetahs, hyenas etc.


Outside stone GOMA stove

Efficient cooking stove producer in Eastern DRC. Working to significantly reduce fuelwood consumption and emissions, improve health, and provide jobs through local manufacturing cooperatives.

Row of weights

Cross Fit gym in Central Asia that is seeking to utilise profits to support other programs in the region to contribute to sustainability, in addition to positively impact its members.

Tribe Gym


Health Services clinic in Kampala serving local community to provide better value medicines and other services during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our loan increased cashflow to pay rent, support staff and procure more medicines at better prices.

St Eliza Clinic


A longer term investment was made in to wind turbines to provide a long term strategic income for the work of the charity and also achieve environmental impacts for their work. Sinking large amounts of capital into each turbine wasn't an easy decision when many of the needs are immediate, but now the organisation is bearing the fruits of this investment and able to self sustain their own programmes.

Wind farm - India

Energy and Basic Services

Impact Products and Services

Gorilla Conservation Coffee bag and mug

Does what it says on the tin: single origin, eco-fair Coffee from Ugandan farmers living near Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, one of the last remaining abodes of the Mountain Gorillas

Image by Josh Appel

Assisted living technology platform company, developing and selling their own products (e.g. Servus, logoped), representing international tech leaders in Western Balkans (e.g. Tobii voice recognition) and operating the largest trade conference for assisted living technology in Europe.

Stack of colourful fabrics

Recycling Fabrics - Latvia

Following the re-opening of the work of The Salvation Army in Latvia, the vision of self-sustaining was high on the agenda for the leadership. With a large chasm of inequality between the rich and the poor, charity shops and recycling were obvious opportunities. With experience learnt from other countries in the organisation, large scale recycling plants were established to utilise fabrics from Latvia and to form a large scale operation for Europe. The activity became a main source of income for the work of the charity and church in that country.

Impact Products and Services

Education and Employment

Man fishing in lake at bottom of mountain

Fish Farm

A fresh water fish farm venture in Russia, 300km east of Moscow, provided a template for a faith driven business to influence its business network and to train local entrepreneurs.

money scattered around world map with location pins

A micro finance programme aimed at female entrepreneurs to be able to create sustainable livelihoods. Small repayable loans are distributed to community groups who lend to individuals in groups. Each woman agrees to repay a loan following a selection process where she describes her business or idea. Her fellow borrowers hold her accountable and this creates moral collateral that see's 98%+ repayments and lifts whole communities out of poverty.

Girls in school

International Schools - South America and Asia

An example in Paraguay where the venture bought a fee paying international school, from which the profits were able to fund the mission schools of the organisation in poorer communities. Previously these schools needed to be funded by charitable donations which were diminishing. All the schools have similar education standards and opportunities and are held as Gold standard by the local education authority.

Bunk bed hostel room

Youth Hostel - Tanzania

Benefitting from donated land on an ex-military site, the local charity had the opportunity to be a back packers and youth hostel to generate income for their missional work. They needed both cash and human investment to create a safe and sanitary location for guests to come to the centre and enjoy a stay. Attracting both iNGO staff, travellers and even the national football team, the centre now provides much of the income needed to run their local school for disabled children, and support their work with homeless women.

Education and Employment

Please get in touch if you run a venture which you think would benefit from our support. 

Our current system of shareholder, or 'profit at all costs', capitalism is driving inequality, environment degragation and the breakdown of societal cohesion". - Reuben Coulter, Angello Partner
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