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Grow Educare Centres - South Africa

Growing 89 Educational Classrooms in South Africa


GROW Educare Centres helps to ensure that children from disadvantaged communities receive excellent, high-quality education in their early childhood years. GROW has partnered with local owners early childhood development (ECD) centres with to run high quality, financially sustainable businesses.


To achieve this objective, GROW helps ECD centres in low-income communities become financially sustainable businesses that deliver high-quality education and pay teachers suitable wages.

They have set out a plan to achieve their aim of being one of the largest chains of ECD in South Africa. They want to change the status quo in the EDC secretary by offering quality and professionalism that has never been seen before in disadvantaged communities. Additionally, providing GROW Educare Centre franchisees with a complete recipe for success that ensures children receive a high quality, early learning programme that gives a foundation for future learning and inspires children to reach their full potential. Finally, they want to equip committed women who own these ECD centres with the knowledge, skills and tools to run a professional business that is sustainable.

Measuring Success:

So far there have been 43 centres opened with 89 classrooms. 217 jobs have been supported that included 69 teacher interns. Around 1000 lives have been positively impacted by the GROW education centre scheme.


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