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Preparing for Growth

The stage of the journey in which the business enters the growth phase. Here, a start-up receives recognition, and scales up.

Investment Readiness Assessment

Investment Readiness Assessment

The Company Maturity Assessment tool gives insights to the stage in which your business falls under, and where investing in your business would be most beneficial

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Creating an Investment

Learn what information an investor needs to consider for investment:

● Learn how to design your own Book for effective investor presentation

● Engage investors with confidence because you have the knowledge to engage in a professional manner


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Monitoring Report Template

Quarterly Monitoring Report template

Quarterly monitoring report.png

Improve the way your business keeps track of quarterly accounts, key performance measures, challenges faced, and internal and external areas of impact


SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

You can use the SWOT analysis to gather information about your organisation, an organisational process or project. It starts with a brainstorm in the SWOT matrix (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and ends with a series of questions to get at the "now what?" stage of decision-making. 

Follow the button bellow to start completing your own SWOT analysis.

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