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Angello is a platform for vision and values driven organisations to collaborate on enterprise-led development. We work with, and on behalf of, mission-driven organisations such as iNGOs and funders to develop, prototype and scale enterprise-led concepts, programmes, projects and ventures.


Our services include:

Consulting & Advisory

We work with mission driven organisations - iNGOs, foundations, impact investors, corporate - to help them better align mission impact with commercial and economic objectives.

We offer a range of tools and formats to build entrepreneurial capacity. Our engagements range from enterprise and business skills training to one2one coaching for individual entrepreneurs, from structured programs like incubators and accelerator to franchise models to set-up own coaching, training and capacity building programs. 

Training & Capacity building

Eco System and Field Building

It is our privilege to work beside local teams in frontier markets that want to build enterprise ecosystems that will nurture new generations of faith driven and purpose driven entrepreneurs.  We help these teams to dream about what seems impossible, to develop their vision and plans and to develop their own capacities. We help them to mobilise local resources and also to connect to global partners for models, programming and investment. Our goal is for such partners to have confidence to build their vision and to be empowered to connect globally. 

Venture & Investment Facilitation

We work with impact ventures and impact investors to improve access to start-up and growth capital by developing absorptive capacity of impact businesses, by connecting ventures and investors, helping with investor introductions at all levels, and by designing and prototyping innovative investment and capital pooling structures for mission impact. 

Ways of engaging with Angello

  • As an investor, you may be seeking guidance on allocating capital to investments with a social impact.

  • As a grant-maker, you are looking to support 'Business As Mission', enterprise-led development or sustainable income strategies in developing nations, but need some advice.

  • As an NGO, you are looking for assistance on creating enterprise-led development or sustainable income strategies within developing nations.

  • As an individual operating in impact investing, you are seeking guidance on maximising your community empowerment and impact.

  • Or, you may just be passionate about long-term solutions to community development and want to find out how to play your part.

Whatever your reason for reaching out, our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to help support you in your endeavours. 

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