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Third Party Resources

Scroll down for useful free resources shared by our community.

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Download the 'Mind Your Own Business' workbook which is designed for small start-ups and is free to use without cost or further permission. It was created initially for delivering MYOB in Uganda.

This workbook and other MYOB resources can be downloaded from the TEN website:


Image by prosha amiri
Image by Alina Grubnyak

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Building ecosystems in the VUCA world of the 4th industrial revolution.

Discover the definition of an ecosystem, why you should utilise them, 7 key success factors in the creation of them and 4 pillars to utilise when building one.

Download this Ecosystem building 4.0 PDF

Building and expanding into new markets

To understand the guidelines for building and expanding in new markets using ecosystem driven innovation, download the 'New Framework for Growth' PDF by Joan Ronner, 

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