Transforming businesses, communities and families through capacity building and empowerment.

Case Studies

In addition to Angello’s participation in a variety of projects with our network partners, Angello has directly led or project managed a variety of activities under the following headings:

Impact Investment Funds & Investing

1) Global - An Angello team worked with Small Enterprise Assistance Fund based in Washington DC. The team worked with SEAF senior management in fund raising and in developing the focus and operations of the fund management group which has invested over $500 million into 30+ funds into SMEs in global frontier markets.

2) Eastern Europe - Angello built a fund structure, raised funds and invested into small businesses in Moldova and Macedonia.This was a pioneering project that ran from 2011 to 2018 and was one of the first projects targeting impact investment into the region. In addition to making specific investments, Angello also worked to raise impact investment funds and supporting enterprise accelerator projects across the Eastern European region.

3) Georgia & Armenia - For 10 years Angello Opportunity Caucasus project has invested into 10+ small businesses in the region and continues to visit, monitor and grow these businesses.

4) India - Angello has invested into a small business in Eastern India, and continues to monitor its progress.

Movement Building

As the impact investing and enterprise-led development fields have grown in the last 10 years, Angello has worked with many partners helping them to grow their operations in enterprise-led development.

1) Global – an Angello team has been helping many global NGOs to consider the role that they could be playing in enterprise-led development and impact investing.Angello partners have run workshops and consulted individually with NGOs, helping them develop their strategy in this emerging field.

2) Eastern Europe & North Africa – an Angello team worked with a major network that was supporting entrepreneur development and small business growth across multiple countries.Angello was particularly driving the importance of responsible business and responsible leadership as core to the work of entrepreneurs.

3) East Africa & Asia – Angello worked with a well experienced group focused on enterprise development. Angello helped developed a vision and strategy for the organisation which was building incubation and accelerator programmes in that region.

In-Country Projects

As well as work on impact investing and movement building, Angello has specifically help build in-country projects in enterprise-led development.

1) Moldova – Angello partners have built a project for facilitating entrepreneurs in their thinking towards start-up and growth of small businesses in the country. Angello has worked with over 25 entrepreneurs over the years, and is considering building incubator and accelerator programmes with local partners.

2) Athens – Angello partners have been working with local churches and NGOs that are involved in the refugee crisis and high Greek unemployment. Angello has been building enterprise facilitation projects with a view to building incubator and accelerator programmes in the area.

3) Eastern Europe Youth Unemployment – considering the challenges of enterprise-led development Angello built a project to specifically look at the area of youth unemployment and building pathways for unemployed young people into employment.