Bringing transformation in developing nations.

Angello exists to enable the combining of financial investments, capacity building and expertise for the empowerment of communities, entrepreneurs and businesses in developing nations so that, through the creation of employment and income, families and communities can thrive financially, socially & spiritually.

Who are we?

We are a group of highly motivated investment and business professionals who also have valuable experience with civil society projects and who also care deeply about social transformation.

We believe that sustainable social transformation needs investment, business and civil society to work together to find sustainable solutions that benefit society.

We believe in the importance of enterprise-led development.

Why are we needed?

Developing nations are characterised by sparse economic activity. The consequence is often strained family incomes and impoverished communities. In many instances:

  • One or both parents emigrate to find work elsewhere.
  • Children are left with little access to education & healthcare.
  • Youth unemployment is high.
  • Communities fray as there is so little financial and social capital.
  • Small and medium sized business activity is weak.

Conventionally charitable entities have responded with aid-based development initiatives or large scale government programmes. These bring important short-term relief but often not long-term economic & social change.

Our contention is that income and economic activity remains low in frontier nations because enterprise has not been able to flourish and entrepreneurs have not had the support and encouragement needed to establish and grow their businesses. Many such entrepreneurs have then not considered the importance of their values and corporate responsibilities in maximising their local performance and social impact.

Also, traditional capital markets have failed to serve these nations as investors allocate investment to projects that meet their requirements for risk-adjusted returns. Companies in developing countries rarely meet these requirements.

Until the problem of market failure is addressed, developing nations will continue to be trapped in poverty.

Measures of Success

  • Greater numbers of men and women finding income and dignity through work
  • Greater family cohesion, allowing children to be cared for, fed, educated and nurtured
  • Young people gaining access to employment opportunities and hope for their future
  • Development of profitable businesses that can invest in their communities and provide robust returns for investors
  • Long term sustainability economically, socially and environmentally

Engaging with Angello

Possible ways of engaging include:

  • As an investor, you are seeking guidance on allocating capital to investments with a social impact
  • As a grant-maker, you are seeking guidance on supporting Business As Mission, enterprise-led development or supporting sustainable income strategies in developing nations
  • As an NGO, you are seeking guidance on enterprise-led development or sustainable income strategies within developing nations
  • As someone who is operating in impact investing, you are seeking guidance on maximising your community empowerment and impact
  • Or, you may just be passionate about long-term solutions to community development and want to find out how to play your part.


  • We seek to work collaboratively and in partnership with others, aiming to ‘do to and for others what we would have them do to and for us’.
  • We will continue to be thoughtful and walk with humility, recognising that the issues that we seek to address are painful and complex.
  • We will always seek to act with integrity and honesty with the resources that are entrusted to us.
  • We will listen to our global & local partners, respecting them and helping them reach their full potential.
  • We will empower our local partners and businesses, enabling them to take ownership of their projects.
  • We will develop at a speed that ensures our vision and values stay intact.
  • We will be realistic about returns available to our investment partners so that focusing on our vision is never compromised by expectations of investors.
  • We will seek to develop businesses that ‘do the right thing’ and that have positive impact in their communities.
  • These businesses will seek to give dignity to economically disadvantaged people and help individuals reach their full potential.

Charity Commission NI

Angello Development Foundation is registered as a charity with the Northern Ireland Charity Commission. (Registered Charity Number NIC101440)