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The investment story so far

Our deep desire in Angello, based on Scriptures and the life of Jesus himself, is for human flourishing...for Shalom... in the toughest parts of the world. Isaiah 61 inspires us, showing clearly the importance of captives being set free and the broken hearted being bound up. Our conviction and experience is that investment capital, not just donated capital, plays a key role in fulfilling God's goal of seeing His kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.

Kingdom focussed investment capital must be willing to go in early, take more risk and to be catalytic. It facilitates and provokes impact that benefits a variety of stakeholders. This capital is used to help establish ecosystems that are sustainable and will multiply when local Kingdom- minded entrepreneurs have access to it. Catalytic capital seeks to balance the power of capital between multiple stakeholders.

Our goal is to back businesses with not just single, double or even triple bottom line impact. We will invest where the goal is for appropriate financial return and also quadruple bottom line impact - social, environmental, economic and spiritual objectives. The impact of our investments is truly seeing God's kingdom come.


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