Transforming businesses, communities and families through capacity building and empowerment.

Angello believes in the potential of people.

We have seen how hope and financial stability can transform individuals, families and communities.

We have also seen how much this hope is needed in developing nations around the world.

Now in collaboration with SEAF, our partner, we hope to leverage what we both have done in the past to impact many more lives by harnessing the unique power of business to address societal issues.


We are a network of independent, values aligned, experienced and passionate people who combine and work together according to project needs.


Malcolm Johnston

Malcolm Johnston – Founder Director

Malcolm was formerly CEO and then Chairman of Johnston Campbell Ltd. –a specialist financial planning and investment management business. The business manages investment funds of over £300m for high net worth clients. Malcolm has been in the investment industry for over 25 years, consulting with an investment management business in Singapore and establishing a pioneering investment project in Moldova. In parallel, Malcolm has also worked across Eastern Europe for over 17 years, pioneering and establishing business, social and charitable projects managed by local people in Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Belarus and Armenia. He has held the role of Regional Director for Eastern Europe with a multinational youth charity and has travelled extensively in the region.

John Heaslip – CSR Specialist, Project Advisor

John is the former CEO of Business in the Community NI, (BITC). He retired in May 2013. John has significant business experience particularly in retail and distribution. In the early 1980s as MD of Coogan and Watts Ltd, he led a dramatic growth programme that resulted in the company being sold in 1986. BITC is a not-for-profit coalition of over 250 companies committed to responsible business. As such, BITC has been at the heart of creating innovative programs to tackle youth unemployment. John has been awarded the USIA Fellowship to study entrepreneurship and CSR in the US and has lectured on various MBA programs at Ashridge Business School, Queens University and University of Ulster.


Angello works with its partners to mobilise their networks and utilise their tools to create meaningful projects in each location. Each individual project has a range of country partners but Angello’s key partners at a strategic level are below.

Angello’s Global Partner

Angello is partnering SEAF (Small Enterprise Assistance Funds), an investment management NGO that provides growth capital and business assistance to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in emerging and transition markets underserved by traditional sources of capital. SEAF has a proven track-record of job creation in frontier markets. The figures speak for themselves with 79% of the jobs created by SEAF being for unskilled or semi-skilled people, including roughly 50% of these amongst young people.

Over its 25 years of investing around the world, SEAF companies have typically added 25% additional jobs per year, during the time SEAF has held interests in these companies more than 40,000 direct jobs have been created and roughly the same number of indirect jobs. These incredible numbers only take into account the jobs that were created whilst SEAF had a controlling interest but as most of these businesses continue to thrive the Youth Employment legacy that is created is something SEAF is very proud of. Angello will expand on what SEAF have done in the area of Youth Employment by supporting investees as well as using SEAF’s networks to develop initiatives that puts business at the heart of the response. During the ‘discovery phase’ it was agreed that “….Wherever SEAF operates Angello will find and develop solutions to Youth Unemployment by creatively connecting the business community and the social development community”,

More Partners


Angello and SEAF have extensive first-hand experience of the shocking needs facing young unemployed people in Eastern Europe. As inward investors over several decades we believe the time now is right to expand on our forerunner projects in this space and, in addition, create a game-changing, compassionate, systemic, scalable, and sustainable model that gets to the root of this problem.

This has led to the creation of the ‘Good Business’ model. This model draws on the unique ability of business to identify and tackle relevant social issues within their own local contexts. A youth employment training and placement programme will act as a flagship programme but the model is built on supporting the local business communities to identify the issues and solutions themselves and then acting as a facilitator. The model draws on the language and ethos of Corporate Social Responsibility to create communities of action.

Angello will launch in 3 projects over the next twelve months with an initial focus on Eastern Europe.

Angello’s first project will be launched in the poorest country in Europe, Moldova. Moldova is a country that our team has extensive experience in and they have identified many great opportunities for businesses to contribute to Moldovan society.

Angello’s second and third projects will be in Albania and Macedonia. These countries have been selected because they are countries where the need for social transformation, particularly in relation to youth employment. This awareness of need has been overlaid against our ability to deliver through local partners and the strength of our local networks.

Angello Development Foundation is registered as a charity with the Northern Ireland Charity Commission. (Registered Charity Number NIC101440)