Transforming businesses, communities and families through strategic investment and technical support.

Angello Capital founders and team members have been involved in a variety of projects and partnerships across the Eastern European region over the last 20 years. This has taken the form of being start up funders on an individual basis, through building investment into a small pioneering fund in Moldova which invested into 3 local projects or through establishing a strategic partnership with SEAF – Small Enterprise Assistance Funds – for investing in the region. Download Angello Capital Team CVs HERE

Angello and SEAF recognise that, given the close alignment of vision and values, great synergies exist in building a strong collaboration between the two teams to leverage experience already gained and to accelerate the flow of investment capital into SMEs in the region

Through our strategic collaboration we have formed an investment management team that provides growth capital and business assistance to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in emerging and transition markets, underserved by traditional sources of capital. Through our network of offices around the world, we invest in entrepreneurs who seek to build successful businesses, aiming to realize both attractive returns for our investors, and a measurable development impact in local communities.

From our deep experience in the CEE region, we are convinced not only about the opportunities that exist and the ongoing need for expansion capital for the SME sector, but also that we have the strength and depth on the ground to seek out excellent opportunities for investors.

More Partners

A number of opportunities are being built together including collaborating in the launch of a Flex Fund for Central & Eastern Europe. The Flex Fund concept gives investors the opportunity to invest their capital in countries or sectors they believe in. Investors may choose from a ‘menu’ which will allow them to choose the geographies and sectors for investment, or allow SEAF discretion over an 18 month period to invest throughout CEE.
We can execute investment in Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia.

Our target sectors include:

• Agribusiness
- Includes organic and sustainable agriculture
- Investments benefitting small-scale farmers
• Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
• Water Reclamation and Access
• Environmentally Sustainable Construction Services
• Healthcare
• Education
• Information and Communications Technology
• Business Services
• Financial Inclusion
• Retail and Distribution