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Meet the Angello Tribe

We are a group of highly motivated, investment and business professionals with a wealth of experience in civil society projects. Our tribe care deeply about social transformation. With vast backgrounds, we come together to push for appropriate investment and find sustainable solutions.

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"Purpose - the opportunity to be involved with work that is meaningful."

 Sara-Louise Martin 

Co-Founder - Impact Central


"I'm motivated by God who gave his only son to save the world. I am motivated by my father who faced a lot of hurdles but never stopped trying & Mr. Adeel Rehmat who's striving to see our community thrive."

 Roudha Munawar 

Business & Communication officer  - Pak Mission Society


"Entrepreneurial mindset can be the triggering force for Pakistan as Nation." 

 Kehkshan Jibran 

Director-Acceleration Programme - Pak Mission Society


"I am passionate about leadership and entrepreneurship. I believe leaders have a profound impact not only on our work lives but on our personal lives such as work-life balance, family, personal relationships." 

 Sondor Khiyad 

Program Coordinator - Asia Leadership Development Network


"I am most motivated by the Gospel and God's Word, which motivates me to share the Gospel, live with purpose, and use my skills and passion for finance to positively impact others." 

 Matt McCrary 

Student - University of Cambridge | Judge Business School


"Hope, freedom and purpose-driven, collaborative, sustainable community."

 Lois Bosatta 

Rights Lab Business & Research Impact Lead 


"I am most motivated by seeing those who need God's kingdom having an opportunity to live a life that is full of joy and peace."

 Ben Nelson 

FX and Cryptocurrency Trader


"My purpose lies in my passion - to upskill the next generation of skills, digital talent in preparation for jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities in Africa."

 Emmanuel Trinity  

CEO | Founder - era92 Creative


"Entrepreneurship is what drives me everyday when I wake up. Seeing others prosper other than myself brings me utmost joy."

 Noela Wimaana 

Team leader | co-founder - era92 Fund 

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